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Product Design

Package Design


A Mint Created

for the Planet.

Do you enjoy the taste of mints and love buying new phone cases? If thats the case, theres a mint and a cell phone case created for you and our planet. SustainMints is dedicated to creating a happy and healthy planet with earth-friendly compostable plastic packaging in the form of a cell phone case. Were here to give our planet a voice through full-circle design.

Target Audience

  • Phone case consumers

  • People who love eating mints

  • Those who wish to contribute to a happy and healthy planet


14 billion tons of waste (mostly plastic) is thrown into our ocean each year or ends up contaminating the planet in our city land fills. On average, people go through about 2 phone cases per year that contributes to 14 billion plastic phone cases that contribute to plastic waste on an annual basis. We have crafted the best tasting mints and and the best quality phone cases that contribute to 0 waste.

SustainMint Logo
SustainMint Case Design
SustainMint Packaging Design
SustainMint Design
SustainMint Packaging Design
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