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Logo Design

Logos are an essential part to the visual identity of every company. A logo acts as a a way for consumers to recognize your brand, while appealing to your audience and potential clients. Logos allow consumers to feel familiar with the visual identity of a brand, as they instil feelings of the brands tone while connecting them to their valuable products and services they offer. 

Logo & Wordmark Design

  • Choice between 3 draft logo solutions with 3 rounds of refinements.

  • 3 Wordmark pairing solutions.

  • Choice between 3 color paltette options.

  • Ongoing consultation throughout every step of the design process.


  • AI, SVG, PDF, JPG, and PNG output files.

  • Logo, Wordmark, and Logo & Wordmark files with a full colour, black, and white color outputs for each.

  • JPG & PNG files come with RGB and CMYK color modes.

Visual Identity Package

  • Includes color palette color codes for logo and and typography.

  • Features application of the logo solution across materials that relate to business.

Logo Design Pricing

Pricing for logo design services requires a​ quote that depends on the type of business and what the needs of the client are. To inquire for a fair quote please click here:

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