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Brand Design

Businesses with an appealing identity that is clear, effective, while representing the company’s core beliefs and values are essential
for a strong brand presence. A strong brand identity will communicate the overall “feeling” and tone of the company, appealing to the perception of their audience while engaging new clients to interact with their valuable products and services.

Logo & Wordmark Design

  • Choice between 3 draft logo solutions with 3 rounds of refinements.

  • 3 Wordmark pairing solutions.

  • Choice between 3 color paltette options.

  • Ongoing consultation throughout every step of the design process.

Branding Essentials

  • Define the essential framework of your brand in defining the Brand Tone and Brand Story of the company.

Brand Identity Deliverables

  • Logo and Wordmark concepts with applications and uses.

  • Typography and type settings which include typeface selections and applications.

  • Visual Branding guideline book.

  • All files and necessary materials that will create a strong brand presence.

Brand Design Pricing

Pricing for brand design services requires a​ quote that depends on the type of business and what the needs of the client are. To inquire for a fair quote please click here:

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