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Mikey Fritz

Yasmine Valim

The new car
share experience.

AirBNB, but for vehicles. Road Runner allows anyone to make some extra cash by offering their vehicle to those who need one when they aren't being used. 

Target Audience

  • 18-25 year olds who cant rent a vehicle.

  • 26-30 year olds looking for affordable rental options and varieties.

  • Those travelling to/in Canada and need a means of transportation.

  • People who have access to an extra vehicle, and wish to make extra money by lending their car.


Road Runner is the new way to car share in Canada. This mutually beneficial car rental service goes through the owner of the vehicle
one on one instead of experiencing a highly intimidating rental company who is simply after your money. Functioning through
a similar business style as AirBNB, Road Runner car rentals allow people to offer up their own vehicles for use. Customers in need simply log onto an app, search for the car that fits their need, and further get in touch with the owner directly to discuss details. 

Road Runner Logo

Our Voice

Brand Tone




Brand Story

In today's economic climate everyone can benefit from some passive income and savings, and we believe that bringing strangers together
is the most spirited way of fulfilling this mutually beneficial goal.

Rudy, the Road Runner mascot.

Meet Rudy!

He's our brand mascot and
shows up in all the best places
to enhance the user experience and to make our brand even
more exciting.

How to use the app.

Road Runner app for mobile.
Road Runner app for mobile.
Road Runner app for mobile.


Simply choose the location, and the duration you need to borrow a vehicle.


View a selection of cars around your area that fit the needs you are looking for. You can also scroll through the list of vehicles which feature Rudy's top choices to save you money and get you where you need.


After you have clicked a potential vehicle, you are able to view the features
of the car, the profile of the road lender, ratings from previous road runners, and choose a pickup and drop off location.

See how it works!


The Lender Kit

Road Runner lender kit.
Road Runner lender kit.
Road Runner lender kit-lender maual.

Vehicle Application

Road Runner decal vehicle application.
Road Runner decal vehicle application.
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