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Poster Design

Something you
can't see.

From the tiniest most fatal forms of radiation, to the transmission of gigantic radio waves that shape the world in which we live today, this illustrative poster offers an introspective look into the electromagnetic spectrum. 

Target Audience

  • The general public

  • Students and teachers

  • Industrial radiographers


This poster was created for my Information Illustration Class.
We were to come up with a concept of something that cant be seen with the physical eye, and apply it to an illustration that portrays
it visually so the viewer can understand it. 

Radiation: A Close Look Into the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Radiation: A close look into the electromagnestic spectrum. Infrmation design poster. Nothern lights. Poster application.

My Process

View my complete process book by clicking on the arrows. To view in full screen mode, click on any image.

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