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Brand Identity

Logo & Wordmark

Product Design

Package Design


Mikey Fritz

Abigail Peters

Jonathan Roza

Harrison Sirois

Theres a new
mug in town.

Recycle your cardboard cups and walk in style with the new Fahren canteen. This state-of-art design is sure to provide you with the confidence you need wherever you go. Fahren products are equipped with an innovative thermal-sense touch pad, allowing you toto sense how hot your beverage is with your finger, so your mouth doesn’t have to suffer! 

Target Audience

  • Coffee or hot beverage drinkers.

  • Fashion enthusiasts who wish to look good with their hot beverages.


This was a collaboration project between graphic designers and material object designers from one of my communications class.
We were to design a product that is needed today and come
up with a brand identity, and package design. My role with our
team was design the package and brand identity.

Logo Design and Wordmark

Fahren brand logo for mug.
Fahren brand wordmark for mug.

Our Voice

Brand Tone




Brand Story

We believe no one should fear sipping from their favourite warm beverage and risk having their tongue or mouth burned, when they could be pairing fashion and latte with confidence.

How It Works

How the Fahren canteen works.
About fahren, the safe canteen that keeps your beverage warm and your mouth from burning.

Package Design & Branding

Fahren product design, package design.
Fahren product design, package design.
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