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Typeface Design

Bright lights will Inspire you.

A typeface inspired by the skyscrapers of New York City. Concrete Jungle is a condensed serif font with tall rectangular characters that rise from their foundations. The thick stem of the letterform on one side contrasts its neighbour on the other, creating a tall, constructed high-rise that is fun, playful, and captures the expansiveness of the city. 

Target Audience

  • Typography nerds

  • Those who enjoy building things such as lego or video games such as Minecraft

  • Those who would like to represent content with a playful typeface that is meant to represent building structures


This project required us to create a typeface by combining two fonts that support the “feel” or personality of a story.  After we have decided on our creative direction, we were to graph our letters out and later create an actual working typeface in an online program called Fontsruct.

Concrete Jungle Typeface Specimen Sheet
Concrete Jungle Typeface Specimen Sheet
Concrete Jungle Light Typeface Specimen Sheet
Concrete Jungle Extra Light Typeface Specimen Sheet
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