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Information Design

Motion Graphics


Whats Butter
than Butter?

Here I created a motion piece for a new children's
app I created to teach kids about gender. Children get to join their animal pals on an adventure throughout Butters world where they meet new friends, listen to stories, and engage in interactive activities to help aid in their learning experience.

Target Audience

  • Children

  • Families

  • Schools

  • Parents


Here we were to identify a problem and come up with a solution
in order to solve it. Thus I believed it was important for children
to learn about gender in a fun and educational way to help break the binary gender roles identified throughout the history of society.
Not only does the app cater to children who wish to have fun while learning about gender, it allows parents to be part of the experience while providing them with the tools necessary for them to help create
a gender-creative household for their family. 

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