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Artist Statement

Mikey Fritz

b. 1996 Brooks, Alberta

Lives and works in Calgary, Alberta

I never became an artist, rather art became me. Since I can remember, I have always loved to draw, even when I did not know how to. I am colorblind, but learning how colors communicate and interact with one another was an energy I had to pick up on. Therefore I could never “choose” to become an artist, just like I did not choose to be gay. Rather, art is a natural occurence each and every one of us possess in very unique and diverse ways, which make art a direct expression of my very own creativity and imagination.

My life is the story of me becoming an artist, and if you have to “become” an artist, then i guess I am still becoming one. My art expresses myself through many departments, inside and out such as my beliefs and values, and thoughts and reactions I want to share with the world.

I am a spiritual being who is often influenced to create what my soul or true self desire me to express within, in which words cannot. I am a psychic who is always sensing the energy that fills the environment(s) I am situated in, allowing my soul to connect with others who need healing. I am passionate about understanding the world on a deeper, more complex level, understanding us as a collective consciousness, and how we are all tied and connected as one to the universe.

When people see my art at first they are struck by fascination and ask “how did you do that”? I love to see awe and feelings spark in my audience’s expression when they look at my creations. It makes me feel proud with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. As long as my art makes people sense or feel something within, I have done a good job, but when they react to the art in which it has inspired them to do something about it, then I have done a great job.

I often find myself thinking about political cartoons or illustrations in which will help educate society more about the stigmas related to LGBTQ+ realities, in which will expose individuals to the truth and stigmas surrounding the gay community. Art History has opened myself up to a whole new understanding of art and its influences throughout the globe, and the different forms of art, styles of periods, and the great artist’s themselves. 

I am influenced greatly by the gothic style of the High Renaissance, and ancient Egyptian artifacts that lead me to create a spiritual symbol in which has meaning and energy through numerology, sacred geometry, crystals, and ancient beliefs. I named it The Solar Cosmic Disk after the "Solar Disk" that was created by the Egyptians in 1350 B.C.E. It is essentially a golden eleven-winged labyrinth, with a Lapis Lazuli crystal in the centre that releases negative energy, amplifies healing energies in ones environment, and assists in balancing ones chakras.

I am in Graphic Design, so my computer is my tool for creating , but I am a multi-medium creator, as I enjoy working with pen and ink, paint, clay, gouache, metal/wire, rocks, crystals, paper, scissors and more. I love to create drawings, paintings, sculpture, 3-D design, architecture, and writing.


And thats what makes a Mikey origional, a Mikey origional.

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